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She is a campaigner for stop violence against women online and coordinated the takebackthetech campaign in her country. She wrote her thesis on Cloud computing. She is a DIPLO alumni and Vice President of STEP at European Law Students Association BiH where she organised sessions for law students on Internet rights as human rights. Aida speaks 4 foreign languages English, Spanish, French, Slovene and has excellent skills in remote and virtual environments.

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? Research into the concept of cloud computing and virtualization in Higher Education (HE) settings.
? You are required to base your research on 10 of the latest peer reviewed journal and conference papers.
? From this research exercise you need to identify:
o How HE institutions have adopted cloud computing and virtualisation into their IT services.
o What social and environmental impact cloud computing and virtualisation has had when used in the HE setting?
o Any legal and regulatory issues of using such a technology in a HE setting?
o Which are the most common HE departments and parts of the IT services selected for moving to the cloud computing realm?
o The most common deployment and service models used in HE settings along with the software platforms used to implement these models.
o Whether in-house cloud architecture was implemented or third party cloud computing services were used?
o What associated security risks were identified when the HE institutions switched to cloud computing and virtualisation and how these security concerns were addressed?
o What were the most common problems encountered when carrying out such an exercise?

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