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Although the utilization of data minig in Brazil still is in its initial phase, in the governmental and productive sector there are signs of its application. The Brazilian Programme of the Industrial Technological Prospective (Programa Brasileiro de Prospectiva Tecnológica Industrial) makes use of the methodology of Technology Foresight, and uses data mining on historical and current data bases to foresee probable futures.

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With the association Data Mining technique we can find the frequent item set. In given fig.5.5 result of Eatable category item set is shown by applying apriori data mining techniques sales database. Correlation technique:
By calculating correlation coeficient we can see how two parameter are related and this behaviour can also be shown with given scatter graph fig 5.6. Prediction:
With the help of ID3 algorithm we can do the prediction of unknown sample and for prediction the useful attribute are Age, Student status and marital status considered. The tree for sales database is
shown in fig.5.7.

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Kilian Baur was born in 1984 in Baden, Switzerland. He studied mechanical engineering with the focus on dynamics and mechatronics at the ETH Zurich. He received his Master degree in April 2010 after writing his Master thesis on data mining in robot-assisted training. After several month working as a research assistant in the Sensory-Motor Systems Lab of the ETH Zurich and at the Institute of Mechatronic Systems of the BFH Bern Kilian Baur worked for three years as an engineer in the research and development department of Andritz Hydro AG in Zurich.