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10 pages in length. The relationship between diabetes and depression is an unmistakable - and perhaps unavoidable - occurrence of comorbidity. Each of these articles illustrates the importance of patient self-care and appropriate life choices as a means by which to offset the prevalence toward the comorbidity of depression and diabetes. While one study seeks to determine the most provoking factors that draw out the tendency toward both major and minor depression, another finds no more correlation between depression and diabetes than there is with those who do not have diabetes. Similarly, a third study sought to determine if those with either major depression or diabetes were more or less functionally disabled than those with diabetes and comorbid major depression. Another study examines how different locale and ethic composition impacts comorbidity, while the final article provides a broad overview of how depression and diabetes are often misdiagnosed and inappropriately treated. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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8. Third Prize for the Best Thesis on Diabetes in the National Thesis Competition. Vasudev Vilasam Trust, Trivendrum-1981.

witnessed the same sort of suffering at Hospital Albert Schweitzer (HAS) in Haiti’s Artibonite Valley. Dionne had been collecting data for her thesis on diabetes prevention at the renowned fifty-five-year-old facility. After taking a short break in Panama, she returned to Port-au-Prince for a final week and was picked up at the airport by an HAS van. “All of a sudden it lurched forward,” she recalls. “It felt like we were being rear-ended over and over again.”