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Although Dorothy Day traveled widely “on pilgrimage” both within the USA and in Europe, she was basically tied to the lower East Side of New York City, its mixture of nationalities, of intellectuals and lower working class individuals, of social movements and Union Square demonstrations. She left home early at 18, not getting along with her newspaper reporter father, but she took with her his writing style. The father, John Day, was a reporter of sports events, primarily horse racing. There is only so much that you can say about a horse race: one horse runs faster than the others over a short distance. Thus, John Day wrote about the colorful characters that spent their time around the race track, horse owners, people who bet on horse races and who argued passionately about the qualities of the horses and how to make a “killing” by systems of betting. Dorothy Day took over the style, but rather than describing horses, she gave a human face to the poor, the unemployed, the marginalized. Her writings were not a sociological thesis on poverty in America but small portraits of the marginalized and their day-to-day efforts to survive in New York City.

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There is a history of poverty in America. Human beings lived in colonies and tried to survive by collecting things from their environment, then they would settle down in a specific territory and start their own nutrition. Even in these early stages the concept of poverty exists because people are classified by the territory where they live and by their sex. After many of years the amount of people suffering from poverty has continued to increase. Laissez-fair is also a major factor to why poverty exists today. The laissez-faire economic theory claimed that the economy and society would prosper if business and industries were allowed to do whatever they wanted to make profit. Many businessmen used this system to justify their "monopoly , bad working conditions, competition and the mistreatment of workers through low pay, long-hours and child lab

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Given the above, it might be concluded that we have neither learnt from our failures nor from our successes. We have mostly encouraged megalomaniacal ideas of our political bosses & sarkari babus and succumbed to their fetish for control in their own hands (They can even systematically scuttle a successful idea, if it fails to put it as first among the beneficiary, read political benefits for them). There is also little understanding or the motivation to understand the theorem or the reason of poverty among the Administrators. The chief failure in all these fifty-two years of planning growth to alleviate poverty is that the planning process itself could not be distributed to empower countryside people to plan for themselves. The result is a plethora of grandiose plans in the name of poverty alleviation, but very little actual improvement. The moot point is, How long will it continue?