from Vassar College in 1896 for a thesis on Shakespeare

The 856th meeting of the Shakespeare Club took place at the Shakespeare Institute on 19 October 2010. The Chairman, Mrs Jean Lawrance introduced John Curtis, a barrister with the Criminal Cases Review Commission, who was currently writing a thesis on Shakespeare’s connection with the law. His subject was Shakespeare in Law rather than the well-worn subject of Shakespeare and the law.

I absolutely adore all of these essays on how Shakespeare influenced how we act as humans

The scrawling, uncertain method of their execution stamps Shakespeare as unfamiliar with the use of a pen, and it is obvious either that he copied a signature prepared for him or that his hand was guided while he wrote. (Manly P. Hall)

thesis on Shakespeare's history plays in performance

The comically innocent McGarrigle is, you may recall, working on a thesis on Shakespeare and T.S

John was born March 7, 1914, in Lacey, Oklahoma, a small town south of Enid, and graduated from Woodward High School in 1931. He did his undergraduate and graduate work in English at Texas Tech University, receiving a bachelor of arts degree in 1935 and a master of arts in 1937, with a thesis on Shakespeare criticism. John stayed at Texas Tech as an instructor of English until 1942, when he moved to Austin to begin his long and distinguished career as a member of the English department at The University of Texas. Although John taught a range of literature courses focusing on American fiction, he became best known for his teaching of technical writing. John was a founding member and officer of the national Society for Technical Communication, and in 1967 was given the organization's highest honor, the title of Fellow. He also helped to organize the Association of Teachers of Technical Writing, which he served as secretary, treasurer, and president.