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David has also been involved in the academic side of security and risk management, completing his MSc at Scarman Centre, Leicester University in 2006. He was consequently taught on a range of security related programmes at Leicester, Cranfield and the University of Portsmouth, where he is currently in the third year of his Professional Doctorate, writing his thesis on strategic management of hyper-complex crisis events.

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Dr. Philip Meissner is a graduate (2008) of the Master in General Management Program (MBA) of HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management. Following his studies of international management, Dr. Meissner completed a doctoral thesis on strategic management at HHL’s Center for Strategy and Scenario Planning. Today, the 29-year-old works as an Assistant Professor for the

Sample thesis on strategic management

What is the role of the planning team according to the Hamilton Strategic Management Group? How can CanGo’s strategic

their businesses.
In this episode, we will examine the concepts of strategic management and how businesses use strategy to create a competitive