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Luca Belpietro's love for Kenya began as a boy accompanying his father on sporting safari trips. Growing up he divided his time between his native country of Italy and Kenya. He went on to earn a degree in economics and wrote his thesis on Sustainable Development and Environment Conservation: Wildlife as a Natural Resource in Kenya.

- to realize a business master thesis on sustainable development in the chemical sector

: Post-graduate Masters of Arts (with Merits) in Ecological Economics, University of Leeds, United Kingdom; Thesis on Sustainable Development and Socially Responsible Investments

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Master Thesis On Sustainable Development

The concept of sustainable development has emerged as a prescription for human survival and maintenance of ecosystem health. One of the prior­ity requirements for achieving such development is to create sustainable human societies. The Caring for the Earth (1991) has mentioned following 10 characteristics for sustainable society: 1. coexist­ence and harmonious community life by respecting each other, 2. improvement of human quality of life, 3. conservation of (i) life supporting systems, and (ii) biodiversity, 4. Ensure that uses of renewable resources are sustainable, 5. minimise the depletion of non-renewable resources, 6. Maintain earth's car­ing capacity, 7. Change personal attitude and prac­tices towards resources and environment. 8. Self car for the environment, 9. Link development with conservation, and 10. Create global alliances.