Thesis Openhook - 404 Content Error Page

Thanks for the step by step how-to. I have never liked the 404 default page. You, your post, and the Thesis OpenHook plugin…sure made it easy to trash “You 404′d it. Gnarly, dude.”

Thesis OpenHook takes the process of modifying Thesis and simplifies it!

Would have to see the code to figure out what the problem is; also, the example code is meant to be placed in (as opposed to placing it via the plugin Thesis OpenHook). If you post your code at , we can troubleshoot it for you.

Can I use this with Thesis OpenHook plugin?

Thanks, Sherryl. I posted to the OpenHook forum on this topic. Hopefully the author replies.

Thesis OpenHook also allows you create and use custom functions within the hooks Thesis uses. But that’s a whole other post and both & have done a good job of explaining hooks already. Also, Thesis 1.6 has built in functionality that allows you to edit your custom files. If you’re comfortable with PHP and using hooks, you will no longer need OpenHook, however, it’s still a great tool for those new to Thesis.

Just open the Thesis OpenHook GUI interface and locate the Box with the name of ” After Content ” . Now just write in this box your custom text . You can use any HTML or PHP code ( of course your PHP code must be surrounded with the PHP tags ) .Since I had created a backup before upgrading my plugins, I could have restored it. However, I knew that the OpenHook plugin was the cause of my problems and deactivating it verified that. So, my choices were to either remove the offending plugin and reinstall a 2.x version or reevaluate what I was using this plugin for.After you install and activate version 3.x of the WordPress OpenHook Customizations Manager, you’ll have a new menu option called “Thesis Hooks” under the “Thesis” option in your WordPress panel. Clicking on this option, opens the new configuration panel. The first thing that you need to do here is to configure OpenHook for Thesis.I’m still in the stone age when it comes to the blogging platform, but I’m more than sure your readers will appreciate you doing the homework on the openhook plug in.