Non-Thesis Option Required Course (3 hours)

The first step in pursuing the thesis option is to file the student request that switches the Advisement Report to the thesis option. Second, in consultation with your advisor, the members of the thesis committee must be selected. The thesis committee consists of a minimum of three (maximum four) UNI Faculty members, at least two of which must be Science Education Faculty where one of them serves as the Chair of the committee and major research advisor. Additional members must be CHAS or CoE faulty and all members must be on the UNI Graduate Faculty. Your assigned graduate faculty advisor may serve as the Thesis Committee Chair and act as your major research advisor, or if the area of research warrants, a new major advisor can be selected and become the Thesis Committee Chair. Committee members must be selected before the research project is designed and conducted and should be chosen with the assistance of your advisor. A must be submitted to the Science Education Graduate Coordinator and Graduate College for approval. The thesis committee assists the student in research design and in the writing of the thesis. The committee eventually accepts or rejects the thesis.

 To receive the Master of Arts (M.A.) in History degree, students in the Thesis Option must:

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Non-Thesis Option: Comprehensive Examination

To receive the Master of Arts (M.A.) in History degree, students in the Non-Thesis Option must:

The thesis option allows students to gain experience in developing and executing a research project from beginning to end. Faculty approval is required. The final product is a work of about 80–100 pages.

Students selecting the thesis option will be required to successfully write and defend a master's thesis. More information about the thesis is available through the Graduate Programs Officer.
If the Thesis Option is recommended, the student must take responsibility to find an advisor who will form the advisory committee and make a recommendation to the Program Director and Graduate Director.