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The Naval Postgraduate School is one such institutionwhere information is processed on a large scale, stored, and transmitted over adiverse computer network. Information security is crucial to protect andsustain the development of critical research. Like many other governmentorganizations the Naval Postgraduate School is constantly being probed andattacked in an attempt to penetrate the defenses and obtain the informationwithin the NPS information domain. To defend against that, NPS has built arobust defense architecture that monitors and guards the critical informationagainst these intrusion attempts. However this threat is not stagnant, andwill continue to grow, change, and adapt to the current network securitytechnologies.

Chapter 3: Building a Framework: Thesis and Organization

A second alternative for thesis organization is the manuscript format. When this format is applied in the sciences, the contents are organized as a unified body of text with sections for a literature review, materials and methods, and results and discussion. Of the two formats, the thesis-by-chapter format is probably the most common, as it minimizes the work required to prepare, edit, and proof the contents for publication as discrete research articles.

Stephen's Thesis Development Tips: Thesis Organization Tips

Thesis Organization

The Honors College Thesis Program is a two-semester process in which students take two courses: HONS 3300, in which they produce thesis proposals, learn how to consolidate their research into literature reviews, and outline/loosely draft the thesis; and HONS 4300, in which they draft and revise their Honors theses and turn in final versions at the end of the semester. Although students will be taking HONS 3300 and 4300 with an Honors Instructor, the Instructor defers to Thesis Directors on matters of thesis organization and written content. The HONS 3300/4300 Instructor provides default organization for each thesis student, but the Thesis Director may alter those at any time to more accurately fit the standards of the academic field. Consider the HONS 3300/4300 Instructor the student’s writing coach and editor; as experts in the respective fields, Thesis Directors are the primary arbiters of appropriate content, theoretical paradigms, and methodologies.