Phd Thesis Powerpoint Presentation

Using PowerPoint presentations during the is a common practice these days. Yes, PowerPoint is a perfect tool that turns a into an exciting process, helps to keep the audience’s interest and present your project and findings in a more positive way.

For many students, making PowerPoint presentations is not a new experience. Yet, you have to make a thesis PowerPoint presentation, which means everything should be just perfect so that not to spoil the impression from your project.

In this article, we provide several general guidelines on how to prepare a thesis PowerPoint presentation that will boost up the effectiveness of your defense.

Thesis PowerPoint presentations: how to prepare

In many ways, making a thesis PowerPoint presentation is similar to giving a speech. Although you will have slides with text, your comments play a vital role. Thus, before preparing your thesis PowerPoint presentation, take time to decide what exactly you want to say.

Thesis PowerPoint presentations: using colors

One of the first steps you will take to prepare your thesis PowerPoint presentation is design presentation templates. An important aspect about templates that you should keep in mind is background color. You know, our eyes are very sensitive, and colors that you use in your thesis PowerPoint presentation can make it easy or hard to read. A good choice would be dark blue or green colors with yellow, white, or orange text.

Thesis PowerPoint presentations: using fonts

Fonts that you use in your thesis PowerPoint presentation will also affect the readability of your texts. There are nearly 100 different fonts on our computers. Very often, students want to experiment with all of them, but your thesis PowerPoint presentation is not the right place to do that. Thus, choose standard fonts that are easy to read: Times New Roman, Helvetica, Arial.

Thesis PowerPoint presentations: writing texts

Your slides should not include long sentences and large blocks of text. Believe us, nobody will read that. Instead, use bullet-points that highlight the main ideas of your project. Yet, do not overload your slides with bullet-points. 5-7 points will be enough.

PPT – Thesis writing PowerPoint presentation | free to download - id: 2ba005-YjYzZ

Is it hard to use a PowerPoint program? If you have completed writing your thesis in MS Word, another popular typing software for document creation, then the process will be easier. You can easily convert MS Word file to PowerPoint files. We have a separate article about the tutorials on how to do this. Afterward, you can then save the converted file into the PowerPoint format. Therefore, when you or someone else opens it u p in a PowerPoint enabled computer, the file will be in slide format and ready to use.

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PPT – Masters Thesis Defense PowerPoint presentation | free to view - id: 4c0d2-OGUwM

An outline will be much helpful in this case. It will serve you as the primary source for making your thesis PowerPoint presentation. Just determine the most important issues of your thesis paper and think of a particular order they will follow each other.