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This is no idle demand of a few savants and specialists, in theinterests of mere erudition, but a crying need of present-dayreligion, of which the King James Bible is undeniably still thechief stay. That that edition should continue to sink into greaterand greater misconception and misrepresentation, when much ofit might be prevented by the simple and obvious device of restoringthe Preface, is intolerable. That version is too deeply freightedwith religious values to be left at the mercy of every charlatanto exploit. Its Preface is a great monument of sound biblicallearning and method. Its readers need it as they have never neededit before. It lies ready to our hands, enfolding in itself thevery correctives modern vagaries about the King James Bible sosadly need.

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Hi I would like to insert a new page in the preface of my thesis. The new page title should be "Contribution of Authors". I could not find any solution to it.

Writing the Preface and Choosing the Title of Your Ph.D

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But it is the omission of the great Preface, "The Translatorsto the Reader," that is most to be regretted. The makersof the version in their day felt that the work called for someexplanation and defense, and entrusted the writing of a suitablepreface to Myles Smith, of Brasenose College, Oxford, afterwardBishop of Gloucester. His Preface for many years stood at thebeginning of the version. But for various reasons -- its length,its obscurity, its controversial and academic character -- ithas gradually come to be omitted by modern publishers of the KingJames, which is thus made to present itself to the reader abruptlyand without explanation or introduction of any kind.