METU II Thesis Preparation and Defense Procedure

The guidelines for thesis preparation are currently being updated and will be posted shortly. Please make note of the additional information on this website referring to the , and the .

Specifications for Thesis Preparation 2012-2013: MIT Libraries

Having done that, the dissertation preparation process has just begun. The first step when you prepare your dissertation proposal is to have a thesis statement. As stated before, the thesis statement is supposed to be reflected in the entire paper. Thesis preparation requires the student to know the topic or the issue to be discussed in the entire dissertation. As stated earlier, the student should deviate from choosing a topic or an issue that is difficult to handle. As you prepare a dissertation, it will be useful for the student to select authentic information sources. Peer-reviewed information sources are the best for a student who wants to prepare a dissertation report that will give him good grades.

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Guide to Thesis Preparation

The following guidelines outline the normal practice for the preparation and presentation of doctoral theses. A student should seek the approval of the Graduate Research Steering Committee (GRSC) if thesis preparation requires any major departure from these guidelines. Such a request should be supported by a statement from the head of the academic unit. Prior to thesis submission students must complete: