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There is no VAT payable on your thesis printing and binding, the service is currently zero rated by HM Revenue and Customs. VAT is charged on packaging and delivery charges at the standard rate.

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If you submit your thesis electronically please provide a PDF. If you choose not to review a proof of your thesis, you accept full responsibility for any problems associated with the artwork or other content the file contains. Please be aware that we cannot be held responsible for any variations between the electronic file you send us and the final printed version of your thesis.

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Please note: You are responsible for the layout of your printed pages, they are printed as received. PDF format preferred.

Our thesis binding is covered by the printed promise – if you're not entirely happy with it, we'll reprint it or offer you a full refund. We want to be the uni print provider you'll keep coming back to, so we aim to please!

We provide hard-cover bookbinding for thesis printing. You can choose from an array of color choices as well as gold lettering print options on the cover and spine. Economical soft-cover binding choices are also available. Thesis covers and binding clips (required for thesis submission) can also be obtained through MIT Copytech.After you have written all the different parts of the thesis paper, the next practical thing to do is to print it. The thesis paper can be in different paper mediums but this is not possible unless you will do thesis printing. That is why it is important that you know the basic rules in printing a document. No matter what research paper you have, printing it will give you the chance to distribute the project to people who are interested in it. Of course, you need to provide a hard copy to your adviser and to the panel of judges where you will defend your work.UBuildABook's on-demand thesis printing and binding service offers graduate students a reasonably priced, attractive hard cover binding option that is easy and fast. Our service has been designed to simplify the last step in the process of producing a bound thesis that meets the requirements of your university or college.Your adviser should be the primary recipient of a printed copy of your thesis project. He needs to get a copy so that you will get his feedback for your project. Next, you also need to provide a hard copy to your professor. He will be the one to recommend a grade for your work and probably recommend that you graduate from the school. Lastly, the members of the defense panel should also receive a copy. If in case your thesis paper is really outstanding, you may need to do thesis printing multiple times so that you can distribute your work to research institutions. These are libraries, schools and private companies.