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is by far the cheapest printing method for a limited amount of theses (e.g., 100 or 200) and is based on heating toner which attaches to the paper (i.e. like a laser printer). While the quality of digital printing is somewhat lower than offset and Indigo printing, it has very good value due to the low price. In addition, it is (depending on the company) possible to order additional copies after the initial order for the same price, which is not possible for offset printing because of its very high initial costs. Also the inclusion of colour pages is flexible, because you only pay for each single page and are not restricted to specific page numbers. Finally note that there are many digital printer brands and types, which may have an effect on the quality.

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Only a few companies use an for printing. This ink-based printing method is cheaper than offset for a limited number of copies and offers (almost) the same printing quality as offset. Unfortunately this method is still more expensive than digital printing.

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Email a PDF file of your document or drop it off at one of the Digital Print Centers listed below:

According to the printing industry delivery terms and conditions, a printing company is allowed to deviate 10% from the agreed number of copies. So if you order 200 copies, you could receive between 180 and 220 copies for which you are charged. Contact the printing company in advance to know how often they deviate from the agreed amount (some will not deviate at all).

Our thesis binding is covered by the printed promise – if you're not entirely happy with it, we'll reprint it or offer you a full refund. We want to be the uni print provider you'll keep coming back to, so we aim to please!After you have written all the different parts of the thesis paper, the next practical thing to do is to print it. The thesis paper can be in different paper mediums but this is not possible unless you will do thesis printing. That is why it is important that you know the basic rules in printing a document. No matter what research paper you have, printing it will give you the chance to distribute the project to people who are interested in it. Of course, you need to provide a hard copy to your adviser and to the panel of judges where you will defend your work.