An ideal thesis project should do many things, including:

All master's degree candidates completing a master's thesis or project under 699 units must submit all of the following items as one complete packet, on or before the semester deadline.

Part II: Honors Thesis or Project (final 3cr)

The Thesis Project demonstrates the student’s ability to develop a body of work that reflects his or her research and ideas in integrated media arts, combining creative and technical skill with a strong writing and analytical foundation.

Divisions under which your Thesis Project topic might fall

Introduction to Architectural Thesis Project

In order to graduate, the Thesis Project must be publically exhibited as part of the IMA Thesis Show. The student must also submit a Thesis Paper that contextualizes the Thesis Project in terms of the history of the chosen medium, the artistic lineage of the project, the student’s creative development, and the project’s creative and theoretical trajectory.

The final format of a master's thesis or project is regulated by policies established by the Graduate Council at CSU, Chico. These policies require that specific University and departmental format criteria be met.: The Office of Graduate Studies encourages master’s candidates to format their own thesis or project. Workshops are offered throughout the year to assist graduate students in this endeavor. The Graduate Studies Office also maintains a list of individuals who offer their services as private contractors to assist with formatting of the master's thesis or project.