Oral Masters Thesis Proposal Defense

Dissertation Proposal Defense: Dissertation proposals are evaluated in an oral dissertation proposal defense conducted by the student’s dissertation proposal defense committee. A dissertation proposal defense may only take place after the student has completed at least 48 credits of coursework and had their two field statements approved by the Graduate Faculty. At the defense, students should be prepared to discuss their research proposal, to relate their intended research to wider anthropological scholarship, and to make informed responses to any relevant critiques. The committee may require the student to make further revisions to the proposal, and sometimes even to defend it in another proposal defense. Other faculty may attend the dissertation proposal defense, but the members of the student’s dissertation proposal committee make the final decision on a candidate. Students will be permitted to defend their dissertation proposals no more than twice. If a student fails his or her defense twice, his or her enrollment in the graduate program will be terminated. A student’s second proposal defense shall occur no later than one calendar year after the first.

The masters thesis proposal defense, will be:

Title page
The title page should list the title of the proposed thesis along with the members of the dissertation committee specifying which is the adviser. Spaces should be marked for the signature of all four faculty, and upon successful completion of the proposal defense, the entire document along with this signed cover page must be given to the head of History of Religions to insert in the student's file as an official record of dissertating status. See below for an outline of this page.

The Dissertation Proposal and Defense

The Dissertation proposal defense, which serves as the Qualifying Examination for BIOMS, will be:

1 week in advance of the proposal defense - One copy of the thesis proposal must be delivered to each site supporting BIOMS faculty.