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The proposal for a project in literary analysis should identify the set of questions, issues, or problems that the project will explore and suggest how this work will fit into literary scholarship. In this proposal you should define the area of inquiry (e.g., the nineteenth-century sentimental novel); the body of literary works you will examine; your interpretive problem and how several scholars have addressed it; and your theoretical approach or framework for addressing that problem. You should conclude with a bibliography of the primary and secondary works you expect to address.

The proposal for your thesis project should be a 5-10 page description of the intended project, ..

Collectively speaking, your thesis proposal sample paper must heavily outline what you’ve learned up to this point in academia. You’ll need qualitative research, perfect grammar, correct APA or Harvard outlines and an exceptional thesis proposal format which adheres to professor’s preset demands. Free papers, on the other hand, lack:

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University departments often provide a handout that states their exact wishes for a thesis proposal format. While the above steps will cover most of the concerns of a thesis proposal, each department will add its own nuances to the thesis proposal format, of which the student must be aware.

You can Download the Free Thesis Proposal Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Thesis Proposal Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.Third, thesis proposal formats often contain some sort of timeline in which the student states the intended project milestones, such as the dates for completion of the first draft, for completion of revisions, and for defense. Students should try to make their timelines as reasonable as possible; while a fast-paced project may not allow for thorough research or idea development and may cause a great deal of stress, an overly slow-paced project may cause the student to feel a lack of motivation.