Memorandum 3802 Thesis and Thesis Proposal

The goal of your thesis proposal is to present the tenured and tenure-track faculty members of the department with a general outline of your intended thesis project together with a brief justification of its merit as a research project warranting a master’s degree. Take as your goal the creation of a concise, well-written document clearly articulating your project and its relationship to the philosophical literature. In general you should aim for 6-8 pages of text and a bibliography of 1-2 pages. A good thesis proposal will have three elements: (1) A clear and concise statement of the position you intend to articulate and defend in the thesis. (2) A well-researched statement relating your position to the philosophical literature indicating how your position connects with important thought on the subject by other philosophers. (3) An outline of how exactly you intend to structure your exposition in the thesis. This outline should present a chapter-by-chapter account, indicating how each chapter relates to the overall project.

 If you need advice on how to do a thesis proposal,read on for guidance.

You are not required to type “introduction” for your intro, but many people like to do this. If you want to use this approach, you must keep this approach for all the points in the proposal.

Title Page Of Your Thesis Proposal:

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Masters thesis proposals seek to show the potential of thesis ideas. If the thesis depends on an experiment, the student must show that he or she can conduct the experiment competently in order to achieve reproducible results. If the thesis focuses on arguing an idea, such as a certain literary critical perspective on a given text, the student must provide enough information in the proposal to show the professor that the idea is potentially valid. The proposal does not need to solve all the problems that the thesis will solve, but it does need to prove that the problems exist and that the student can present a strong hypothesis for their solution.