* Previously referred to as "Thesis by Publication"

Due to some ambiguities and conflicts in the ANU rules for PhD thesis by publications, the Crawford Research Committee has adopted the following additional guidelines approved by the Management Committee:

The PhD publication that qualify for these grants need to meet following criteria:

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"As a school not offering an advanced degree in psychology, we seem to be left out of this questionnaire. However, I did go to graduate school and earned both a Master's and Ph.D. in psychology, and I do have an opinion, if you're interested. Your #1 is the only one that makes sense to me, IF THE PUBLICATION IS JUST A RE-WORKED MASTER'S THESIS. It would seem to me that any Master's thesis that could reasonably be published with the advisor's name first isn't worthy of the name."

As for publication, a thesis is an entirely different kind of publication to a paper, in every discipline I am familiar with, publishing papers drawn from work in a thesis is expected, sometimes even required. The only (?) way you could interfere with further publication would be if you published your thesis as a monograph.The work that culminates in a master’s thesis provides the basis for a professional journal article. However, writing a professional journal article differs from writing a master’s thesis. This article, therefore, provides practical ideas and considerations about the process for developing a master’s thesis into a peer-reviewed journal article and describes successful case examples. Research and publication occur in stages and include many important topics. Previous genetic counseling professional development articles have partially or comprehensively addressed the topics of developing and conducting a research project (Beeson ), writing a manuscript (Bowen ), and the peer-review process (Weil ). This paper expands on previous articles by describing the publication process and discussing publication ethics, with emphasis on aspects pertinent to publishing a master’s thesis. It is hoped that this article will encourage genetic counselors to publish their research.