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I published my PhD thesis as a book in VDM verlag. It publishes PhD dissertations and working with them is quite easy. The only problem is they put a relatively high price on your book and this might reduce the sale of your book. Due to this problem, I have received no royalty from my book yet. So if you think any other publisher can do better (financially) it is better you consider another publisher. Their publishing strategy is based on printing on demand. It means they publish a few copies of your book and sell them to some big libraries around the world. Then if an individual purchases your book online, they publish it for him as they receive the order.

Originally published in: Systems Research Vol. 8, No. 4, pp 21-41. Thesis Publishers, 1991.

The next step is to decide whether the journal is interested in the type of research conducted. For example, does the journal publish articles mostly on medical and clinical issues? Does it publish qualitative research? A description of the scope, aims, and types of research that are published is located in the “Instructions to Contributors” section on the web page of most journals. A look at the journal’s editorial board might also provide a good idea of a journal’s theoretical approaches, philosophical orientation, and research interests. Another strategy is to contact the journal’s editor or a member of the editorial board prior to submitting a manuscript to discuss the appropriateness of the manuscript for the journal. Many editors welcome such pre-submission contact since it reduces their workload of reading inappropriate manuscripts.

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