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If you, the people of such posts above, care so much about being able to make money from being published by LAP or whatever, you are actually no different than LAP as the scam as you call it. You want to exploit the publisher as much as it wants to do so on your work. Shame on you.

In a site somebody said that (s)he had his/her thesis published and it looked very good.

I have received the same message from “Lambert Academic Publishing” on May, 2009 as I remember. They showed their interest to publish my master thesis. I have agreed to publish my thesis as a book with them. My book was already published on July, 2009. My book is now on Amazon. So far, I think the publisher is trustworty, as my book get published before I entered my bank account.

Thesis publishing: how to get your thesis or dissertation published

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I never thought they were a scam. Among my concerns was what appears to be their indiscriminate and misleading solicitation of manuscripts and the absence of a general catalog. You can’t go to Amazon and find their booklist unless you have a title or an author. Anyone can sell books through Amazon. Even scholarly publishers that seek subsidies from authors or other sources publish catalogs. I am looking at one now that is over 228 pages long. I think Lambert does provide a service but it is on the borderline of vanity publishing – although it could be useful for purposes of career advancement.