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The style chosen will depend heavily on the style you're using for other elements of your document (for example fonts, page layout, sectional units formatting), so it's difficult to produce a "universal solution". Here's one possibility; I chose not to center it vertically but to use the double of space below the quote than the space above it; the width of the is calculated as the width of the longest line of the quote (stored in the length ):

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I agree with most of the above that quotes should be used when they impart something that the writer couldn’t herself. But it also depends on the type of publication. When I write for Medscape Today I rarely use quotes — most from experts or papers are too clunky. In blogs, sometimes. But in my narrative non-fiction book, the quotes, the dialog, are what propel the story. Actually, the fun part was gathering the quotes (by interviews, lectures, and following people around) and seeing how the story emerged from them.

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I am not sure whether I should translate into French (in a thesis in French) a quote which is originally in English. Does anyone know? Should I suggest a translation and leave the original quote between brackets?