Thesis Research Paper MLA Checklist by liaoqinmei

Writing a thesis on any topic can be difficult. Extensive research, critical thinking, analysis and writing are just few of the skills that you must have when writing one. Writing a thesis is entirely different from essay writing. A thesis goes beyond the basic essay format of introduction, body and conclusion. Though the research paper introduction and the research paper conclusion remains, the discussion on the key points of your academic paper is made in a more extensive manner. One of the important parts of a research paper that is not found in an essay is a research methodology thesis paper. Research methodology is the part where you include the details of your research techniques.

Every thesis or research paper we write comes with following free features

Many writers find it difficult to write thesis statement even after the topic of the research paper has been defined. We can give you a small piece of advice: before writing a thesis statement, make a short outline of the points that will be included in the research paper. Once they are outlined, it will be easier for the writer to see the main idea of the paper and to compose a superb thesis statement.

How to Find the Best Research Paper Topics

Additional information regarding the research paper is found in the academic requirements section of the MSU Graduate Bulletin.

1. A research paper topic can be selected if it is something that you already have experience discussing about. This equates to ease in researching because you already have stock information about it therefore making it easier to conduct experiments.
2. The is to initiate the process of writing. So when you are about to select a topic, make sure that your subject is something that is important and significant to let you get the most out of your researching.
3. Research paper topics must also be feasible when it comes to research process managing. Feasibility means you can actually execute experiments and confirm your notions through experimental designs.
4. One more thing to consider in selecting a research paper topic is the availability of resources. It is important to cite as many reference materials as you can so that you can gain credibility over your results in the research paper.