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A rubric is an tool used to communicate expectations of quality. A rubric utilizes a set of rules or instructions to score a student’s performance based on a set of defined guidelines. The teacher can use the rubric as a scoring tool to grade an , and when a student has a rubric to follow, he knows exactly what the teacher is looking for in the essay. During the grading process the teacher can use the rubric as an assessment tool to grade an essay; it saves time, and the grading process is fair. Precise criteria are clearly defined, facilitating the grading process and increasing objectivity; therefore, when a rubric is used for grading, it reduces the likelihood that students will argue about the grade they receive. The guidelines are clear, and the student knows exactly how to accumulate points on the assignment. Rubrics also aid them in setting goals for their work.

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There are many advantages for implementing an essay grading rubric. For example, an assessment criterion can be developed to assist students in completing the essay, and it will tell them exactly what the teacher will be grading them on. Moreover, an assessment rubric can help bridge the communication between teacher and student. It can aid the student in gaining a greater understanding of what is acceptable in the essay and what is unacceptable. Furthermore, essay rubrics clearly identify the levels of performance. For example, the rubric may have a category for very good, good, needs improvement, or poor. The score that is received in each category is used to determine the grade that the essay receives. If a teacher is unsure of how to construct an essay rubric, he or she should obtain a sample rubric.

Thesis Statement rubric - Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools

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Most people fired from a job aren’t surprised. They know where they have slacked and why they lost their job. I am sure that you can read your writing and know that there are problems (or that everything is great). I hope the rubric gives you a little more traction for evaluating your writing so that you know what you need to work on to improve.