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Also notice “shod” in our visible Title. This word is very specific. It is primarily applicable to animals. While “semantic search” is a toss-up, with luck the search engine algorithms will recognize that our first post is not meant to compete with Nike, but rather is associated semantically with horse shoes and related phrases.

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Beyond design and customization Thesis is built for SEO. This was one of the primary goals of Thesis, cut the fat and generate clean code that the search engines will easily digest and pass the value on to your site. Also, built in are some features that follow SEO best practices and have allowed me to reduce the number of plug-ins that I need running on my site. Here is a look at some of the options Thesis offers you:

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David, checking tells the search engines that you do not want this page indexed. This means that the page will not appear in search engines, but it does not mean that the links on this page have no effect.