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In an effort to point out how the thesis statement and introduction are parts of every piece of writing, we will hereby depict a few examples:
When writing a business proposal, your introduction would focus on the product or service your activity will be based on, but also your thesis statement has to be clear in your mind before you begin to write. The thesis statement here would be where you state the product/service you’ll discuss, its importance, market relevance and significance.

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You need to have a certain idea of what you are going to talk about. Think about certain keywords that can be used in your thesis statement and introduction. For example, you can say, “The worst job ever is the one that-,” and provide a couple of reasons that make it so dreadful: low salary, hard work, many working hours, constant danger, etc.

English Essay Formula: Thesis Statement and Introduction

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The beginning revolves around the topic. It has a thesis statement and introduction about your topic. In the middle part, you should add all of the information you have about the topic. You need to sustain the reader’s interest. The reader should have the urge to read more. In this section, the reader should get the answers of all of his questions. The last part is the ending paragraph that only concludes the whole paper. At this point, your thesis statement should be restated.