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The Yowling Creator post helped me understand the similarities and differences between the thesis statement and topic sentence. The chart clarifies the use of both. In my future writing I will try to stop the yowling by putting in practice this helpful tips. I’m making a copy of this post!

Alex, Can you please clarify what you the difference between Thesis Statement and Topic sentence?

A strategy is not much good if it can't be remembered. I decided that I had been giving Brandon declarative information rather than a procedure and conditions for using it. Clearly, we needed another way of getting an appropriate pattern of organization into Brandon's writing. I wondered how composition teachers discussed patterns of logic before the notions of thesis statement and topic sentence were invented. To that end, I consulted the oldest composition text I could find, Greenough and Hersey's (1923), where I discovered repeated references to visual means of conceptualizing organization:

The Thesis Statement and Topic Sentences

Concepts Taught: Learning to Build Thesis Statements and Topic Sentence, Organization and Coherence, Transitions