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Some people feel that the United States should have a national health care plan like Canada’s; however, others feel that government should stay out of the health care business. Although/Even though many think that genetically engineered crops are a grave danger to the environment, such crops can alleviate world hunger and malnutrition. Smokers say that they have a right to smoke in spite of the fact that/despite the fact that smoking will kill them. While/Whereas it may be true that the U.S. Constitution gives citizens the right to own weapons, the men who wrote the Constitution lived in a different time.

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Writing Thesis Statements For Argumentative Essays

I am not used to writing argumentative papers, I've always written persuasive essays. So I don't really know how to structure this paper. I looked up some websites that tells me how to write thesis statements for an argumentative essay, but I have to analyze the ad in the essay...and I don't know what kind of thesis statement to write. I don't even know if I have to be against the ad or side with it, but I'm just going to side with it. Now that I chose to side with the ad, how do I write a thesis statement?