Thesis supervisor: Gloria Gonzalez-Lopez

In most programs, however, you apply and are accepted, and after sufficient course work, have to connect with an advisor. Most students at the UofL are encouraged to find their own supervisor.

View research topics for current and completed doctorates and masters theses supervised by staff.

Graduate students have the right to regular contact with advisors or committee members throughout their program. Graduate students have the right to an alternate advisor during an extended absence of the primary supervisor. In order to facilitate the timely completion of program requirements, graduate students have the right to timely feedback (within approximately one month) on all academic products presented for evaluation.

Thesis Supervisor | Honors Program

Alternatively, you can ask for a list of available thesis supervisors from the secretariat.

Supervisors who may be absent from the University for an extended period of time are responsible for informing their students immediately. It is the supervisor’s responsibility to ensure that temporary supervision will be provided, so that the student will have guidance during that absence.