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Installing Thesis is quite simple. In this Thesis Theme tutorial, I’m going to show you how to install Thesis onto your blog. This assumes you’ve already installed WordPress already, but if you haven’t, check out this WordPress installation tutorial. Downloading Thesis Theme The first thing you will need to do is download is download the […]

Thesis Theme Tutorial is a blog about our favorite premium WordPress theme, Thesis

The Quest for the perfect menu… This is Part 1 of the tutorial. Part 2 of this tutorial teaches how to build vertical menu + dark color palette for the horizontal one. I decided to get Thesis theme, because one of my clients informed me about .... Tagged as: CSS menu for wordpress, thesis theme, thesis theme hierarchical menus, thesis theme multilevel menu, thesis theme nagivation, thesis theme nested menus, thesis theme tutorial, wordpress css menu, wordpress nested menu

Thesis Theme Tutorials to Build Awesome Websites

In all modesty, I believe that this is the best thesis theme tutorial on this subject that I have seen.

Included with the full tutorial series: When you purchase this video tutorial series, you will have access to download the original FULL HD videos to your computer as well as the option to watch the full series from the website. You’ll also receive access to the PDF document that contains all of the notes on the settings that I go over in this tutorial.

Thesis Theme Tutorial Part 1 of 8
(Note: Audio Quality Is MUCH Higher In Downloadable Version)