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[* If your thesis and honors advisors are the same faculty member, a second honors adviser in the BMB Department must read and approve your thesis. In this instance, the name of your honors advisor is replaced with the name of the other honors advisor in the Department and the title "Committee Member, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology" is used.]

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Student. thesis title. (adviser)
denotes Anthropology Senior Thesis Prize recipient.
* denotes senior thesis prize honorable mention (Anthropology or other University dept./prog.).

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The title page of a thesis or dissertation must include the following information:

Thesis titles may often seem long in comparison to other types of titles, such as novel titles or newspaper headlines. Whereas headlines probably only contain a few words, thesis titles may legitimately contain several dozen words, as long as they fit together syntactically and make sense as a title. In most cases, the thesis writer should avoid writing a title that asks a question, because the title should claim authority over the subject. For example, the title Samuel Clemens, the Man Behind the Pen: A Closer Look at the Non-Literary Life of Mark Twain seems much more authoritative than the title Who Was Samuel Clemens, and Why Did He Choose a Pseudonym? The distinction between declarative and interrogative titles may seem subtle, but declarative titles usually do seem stronger, and the reality exists that readers will decide the thesis writer's competence based at least partially on the writer's ability to write a strong title.

How can we entice the readers to see our research results in the thesis paper? One of the best ways to do this is to have a good quality thesis title. It may be a simple “nametag” for our articles but the title has a big impact to the number of readers who will be interested with out work. In this aspect, we will talk about the things that you need to know about generating a thesis title.The title of the thesis paper must be something that reflects the entire paper. It should give your readers an idea what the paper is all about. Moreover, you should try to incorporate some action words that will signify the intention of the researcher in composing the thesis.You should write the thesis title on the cover page. This is the first page of your thesis paper that your readers will see. In that case, you must have a title that is both catchy and effective. How do we write a title for our thesis? Here are some of our tips that you can rely on.When writing the title, make sure that you only use very simple words. This is a good way to entice many readers. Because simple words are obviously simple to understand, you will have wider audience horizons who will appreciate your thesis paper.