Research Methodology & Thesis Topic Proposals

A student working on a qualifying paper, thesis topic proposal or doctoral dissertation is normally not expected or allowed to change his or her advisory arrangements while the task in hand is incomplete. Where exceptional circumstances require a change in the advising arrangement the student, or the advisor, should make a case in writing to the program director who will suggest further steps.

Research Methodology & Thesis Topic Proposals 1

2. Choosing a topic Finding a topic is the student'sresponsibility, although consultation with faculty members is stronglyencouraged. The topic must be approved by a faculty member of one ofthe four participating departments (Applied Mathematics, CS&E,Mathematics, Statistics) who will supervise the work (the``supervisor''). The topic must also be approved by the ACMS HonorsCommittee. A Senior Thesis Topic Proposal form can be obtained from theadvising office, Padelford C-36, and should be filled out and signed bythe student and the supervisor. The signed form must be returned to theACMS Advising Office by the last day of classes of the quarterpreceding the student's final quarter. Exceptions to this deadline maybe granted only the by the ACMS Honors Committee.

Research Methodology & Thesis Topic Proposals

Title of PhD Thesis Topic Proposal

The minimum of 9 credits in a particular area of studies outside the School of Architecture may be completed at any time during the progress of the student prior to the completion of the thesis, but can most usefully be taken as the student is preparing the thesis topic proposal or to assist the development of the thesis, by strengthening the student’s competence in a relevant area of studies. Minors that students have found useful in the past include the following: geographic information science, city and regional planning, statistics, medical systems and technologies, history of technology, human/computer interaction, databases, geometric modeling, gaming technologies.