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Examples of variables: pupils: background variables, indicators of academic achievement, cognitive abilities, indicators of identity development and gender identity, teacher-pupil interaction, attitudes, gender specific cultures, school well-being, involvement,. Teachers: background variables, school wellbeing, involvement, teaching style, teacher attitudes, expectations and the beliefs,. Since the 1990s, in many Northern countries the underachievement of boys became a matter of concern while in many developing countries in the. South girls dropout and lower participation in education in general is the predominant problem. Nature of research study: Literature review, meta-analysis Prof. Dr. Katrien master Thesis Topics On Education Struyven ( ) Assistent: Catherine Coubergs Beschrijving Promotor Je kan je thesis uitvoeren in het kader van het genderonderzoek (IWT strategisch master Thesis Topics On Education basisonderzoek). The topic will lead you to different discoveries, different approaches, and different insights depending on what you start out with. What you research, and how you write about it will also change based on your original topic idea.

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Master's Thesis Topics in Education

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