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Bittorrent users are pirates. The Bittorrent network is known as an international network that illegally shares almost every kind of information or creative content such as music, movies, TV shows, books, software, pictures, and games. There are more than 1.5 millions active users uploading and downloading everyday (ISO Hunt). People in the network have their own culture. Most of them believe that they should not pay for content that they might not like. They fell like they should have a chance to purchase the product only if they like it. Some believe that Bittorrent networking rebels against capitalism. In other words, Bittorrent culture is a 21st century Hippy movement that believes in free trades and sharing of everything.

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The collection in this show makes a social statement about content piracy. It doesn't support but illustrates the evolution of the creative content industry by showing the current situation of piracy through the Bittorrent network. DIGIA provides aesthetic experience from art elements, visual and culture puns.

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With paradoxical concepts, symbol conflicts, and puns, Pirate Music Box demonstrates two main categories of DIGIA, which are communicating artist’s statement and providing aesthetic to the audience. The message of Pirate Music Box is reflected clearly through the use of each element in the piece. The dynamic animation of the tiles shows the activity in the Bittorrent. The traditional tiles such as music labels are very easy to recognize. Many Bittorrent client logos are included, so if the viewers have experienced Bittorrent issues, they should understand the conflict between grayscale and colored tiles. However, if the audience does not understand the message from visual, culture and verbal puns re-state the main idea of the piece linguistically to make sure the point is pushed across. From the installations element, Pirate Music Box articulates the artist’s statement about the creative content piracy situation.