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These days the terms thesis and dissertation are often seen as being interchangeable. While they are regarded as the same thing; however, there are minor differences between the two. Generally, if you were to look at a thesis vs dissertation, the thesis is a piece of writing based on an original subject whereas, in comparison, a dissertation is more a collection of other subjects which could also include original opinion. Thesis may be required for slightly higher level of education, such as a doctorate, whereas the dissertation might be concerned more with a normal postgraduate degree. One thing is for sure though; both of them rely heavily on a lot of research.

Thesis Dissertation | Thesis VS Dissertation | Thesis Dissertations

Well, it isn’t strictly true that the thesis or dissertation difference is not so important, there are still differences, although as we mentioned despite the difference between doctoral thesis vs dissertation, quite often the two terms are used interchangeably anyway.

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Thesis vs Dissertation

There is some confusion among students to which type of assignment their professor is referring to when they are assigned a long project. Here’s one way to tell apart a thesis vs dissertation: if your project is about a topic you are looking into and are gathering what you’ve found into one location, perhaps with a little of your opinion but usually not, then that is a dissertation and they are usually shorter than a thesis. A thesis on the other hand is usually original research and is a much more in depth study. Also, it relies a lot of your opinion which is another big difference; in a dissertation it’s mostly objective.