And for even more fine examples, see the on the Thesis website.

A distinct advantage of obtaining academic guidance through a free thesis is, of course, that it is free. Students often do not have much money to spare, and if they can find high-quality free theses, they may find all the help they need without having to buy an . Students should not assume that because theses are free, they are not useful for anything; by contrast, many academically strong writing services offer free samples of their work as a service to the people who may browse their websites.

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BTW, I take back my comment about showing us the various designs on your site–you have done that already in this article! Thanks. Still like the previous design the best. Its the most captivating in my view. I forwarded your website in the past to friends with the old design and they have been captivated by the design and often want to know who is behind the website and if there is a real picture of the person/owner on the site. As for the new design, I like it as well, but just not as much as the previous one.

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All EKU Honors students are required to complete an Honors Thesis prior to graduating as an Honors Scholar, so the thesis process generates several questions. Below are a few of the most frequently asked ones. Simply click on a question to be taken to its answer. You should also check out the , which goes into the thesis process in greater detail and includes the Honors Thesis Handbook. If you don't see the answer to your question here or on the thesis website, please email us at .