thank you very much. i will have a look at the websites

University of Utah’s Writing Center is a source for connecting students with valuable resources for assisting them in writing. The website features services for students, along with news and writing resources.

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The student may also find a sample thesis on many reputable websites, such as those of universities, thesis assistance services, and academic writing services. Students who browse such websites should pay careful attention to the credentials of their writers. If a website does not offer any verification of who its writers are, the student may not want to use a sample thesis found therein, because the quality of any sample thesis is completely unknown. On the other hand, if the website solidly stands behind the competence of its writers and if it offers reviews that support its claims, the student may feel much more comfortable using its sample theses.

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Congrats on 2.0! Love the simplification and putting all tools people need within the website/browser without any need for FTP.

Today Angelique writes and edits personal and business materials, creates WordPress/Thesis websites, develops marketing communications plans for companies and public figures, and tutors the subjects of writing, reading, and social media.

BTW, I take back my comment about showing us the various designs on your site–you have done that already in this article! Thanks. Still like the previous design the best. Its the most captivating in my view. I forwarded your website in the past to friends with the old design and they have been captivated by the design and often want to know who is behind the website and if there is a real picture of the person/owner on the site. As for the new design, I like it as well, but just not as much as the previous one.Hi Chris, we have been a fan of the clean, crisp look of Thesis Theme for several years now. We are currently creating our marketing website and the new Thesis 2.1 framework is AMAZING!!! Its funny how we almost jumped the ship with Thesis 2.0, but decided to stick around to rediscover, and I am so glad we did! Once the website is complete, hopefully we will earn a spot on your showcase section…:) We also trying our best to master Thesis API…
Thanks to thesis community and you Chris for your continuing development !