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Wordpress has been the best and most widely used blogging software for many years now. It is written in php language and uses MySql database. Wordpress is also very flexible with the numerous plugins available on the web for free, which add various functionality to your system. You can download the latest . It is also "skinable" which allows users to easily change the look and feel of their wordpress powered website. Skins are called Wordpress Themes or Templates.

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Free Wordpress templates are file packages which control the appearance and presentation of the wordpress website. To change the look of your entire wordpress powered website, you simply download one of these packages listed below, then unzip and upload the entire unzipped folder to your blog's /wp-content/themes/ folder. Then you log into your blog's admin area, navigate to "Design" tab, where you have a list of available themes to chose from. You click on the desired wordpress template and get a preview of how the site would look like if the template was used. In the upper right corner of the preview, there is a link "Activate template name". As soon as you click on that link, the your wordpress blog gets the new look.

Thesis WordPress Theme - DIYthemes

If I were to select one, I’d want to have a template for my blog(s) – and, I know that there are many available. My eyes cross, viewing so many options. (I am also a total klutz, so even the Thesis WordPress template worries me.)

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Thesis WordPress Template Using Thesis as your WordPress blog template will give you a big advantage in your niche