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Title – Writing About The Holocaust, Thesis Worksheet By – Kristy Brooten Primary Subject – Language Arts Secondary Subjects – Social Studies Grade Level – 6 Writing About The Holocaust Thematic Unit Contents: Books Used and Multidisciplinary Connections Introductory Lesson, Lesson Overviews, …

After completing the worksheet, facilitate a guided discussion of the students’ findings.

The Department of Classics requires students to write an M.A. thesis on a topic of their own choice. The topic must be approved in advance by the faculty member who is chosen by the student to direct the thesis. Students will normally undertake the writing of the thesis in the semester immediately after they have passed the Comprehensive Examinations. Students may formally begin the thesis only after they have passed the Modern Language, Qualifying, and Comprehensive Examinations. The student and the thesis supervisor will agree on two additional faculty members who, along with the thesis supervisor, will comprise the thesis committee. It is the student's obligation to work out a schedule with each member of the thesis committee for submitting drafts to all members of it. A copy of the signed thesis schedule worksheet (see further ) must also be provided to the Director of Graduate Studies.

How to Write a Thesis Statement Worksheet

Science: Worksheet in Classroom. If you can not write on the worksheet, use LL.

December 17, 2014 1) Reading: 44-46 annotate 2) Math: 4-6 272 3) Writing: Finish Thesis worksheet, and try to write a thesis for “Nadia” 4) Social Studies: Civilization Project due 1/7/15 December 16, 2014 1) Study for spelling 2) Reading – workbook 41-43 3) Writing- Answer all questions on Nadia Worksheet, and make a 3 chart December 15, 2014 1) Spelling: 1-20 sentences Reading – WB pages 33-35 annotate!! MAth – pg 261 WB 20-24 Science – 136 – 145 Book Projects Due 1/6/15 December 12, 2014 1) Social STudies – Answer questions on pgs 78-79 on loose leaf. (Graded H.W) DEcember 11, 2014 Grammar – Worksheet. Study for test!! All 9 parts of speech. Science- Worksheet December 10, 2014 Social Studies: Finish Worrksheet, Text Book 76-77 1 and 3 Religion – STUDY!! Grammar – Test Friday Spelling- 5x each 1-10 Define December 9, 2014 Religion – Textbook questions, and worksheet Math: Test-12/10 December 8, 2014 1) Reading Test Tomorrow Esperanza Rising December 4,2014 1)Social Studies – pg 69 1,3 & Q.C in notebook. 2) Spelling – #11-20 sentences 3) Reading – New Cover and title for E.R 4) MAth – Read and take notes 254-256 December 3, 2014 Math: pg. 225 Reading: