Our PowerPoint presentation from Thesis Writing workshop.

The second PhD thesis writing workshop with Maria Margaronis will be held at 6pm on Monday December 2nd in room B07 at 26 Russell Square. As usual we will be reading one or two extracts from theses in progress and offering constructive criticism and suggestions about structure, argument, style, use of sources and anything else that comes up. If you have a piece of 2,500-3,000 words that you would like to submit for discussion, please contact Maria on . It doesn't have to be finished or polished; useful feedback guaranteed.

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Thesis Writing Workshop #12: “The Elevator Pitch to the Famous Hollywood Producer: Writing an Abstract that Encourages Your Audience to Keep Listening.” This workshop will discuss possibly the hardest part of the thesis writing process: How do you boil down at least two years of your life and 157 pages of a thesis with more than 57 sources to 250 words? Thesis Editor and Advisor Carson Medley will offer students advice on how to successfully write an abstract that presents a terse and engaging overview of the thesis while remaining delightful and instructional.

Our PowerPoint presentation from Thesis Writing workshop.

Offered Fall Semesters (as of 2014/2015): CI 497C: IUG And Honors Thesis Writing Workshop

Contemporary Experimental Choreography, Masters Thesis Writing Workshop, Department of Performance Studies, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University (2008 - 2011)

What are "thesis writing workshops"? Thesis writing workshops, hosted by the CSUSM Writing Center, are an opportunity for you to accomplish work on your thesis in a supportive, distraction-free environment."The opportunity to participate in the Dissertation Workshop...offered a terrific boost to my project. The weekly meetings were incredibly helpful."
Ronan Crowley, English

"I enjoyed having a time set aside dedicated to writing, and consistent group of colleagues for support; what a great way to meet new people, make friends, and form new networks within the University. I found it beneficial because not only did it set aside that time on Monday for writing, but it helped to keep my dissertation prospectus at the front of my attention, which motivated me to write throughout the week, as well. By the last meeting of the group, I had completed my prospectus. I hope to be involved again in the future!"
Sarah Handley-Cousins, History

"The Gender Institute's dissertation writing workshop provided me with a unique space to unplug and focus on my work. As a teaching instructor it is hard for me to find the mental distance to really be able to focus on my dissertation, and the workshop managed to do just that. Just as important as having the scheduled time and space to work on my dissertation was the fellowship with other women working on their dissertations. From conversations about dissertation writing strategies to fellowship applications to how to deal with teaching problems, a healthy life-work balance, and the constant need for chocolate and caffeine, the community of women that the dissertation writing workshop provided really made a difference in my life. It certainly started out the week on a positive note and gave me energy to get through the rest of it!"
Tanja Aho, Transnational Studies

"[A] rewarding and inspiring experience... When I joined the group I had barely started writing my dissertation...at the end of the Gender Institute Workshop, I had submitted four of my seven chapters with a total of almost 125 pages. On average I would write 700 to a 1000 words every Monday morning that would motivate me to go to the library and continue working."
Rehab Ghazal, Educational Leadership & Policy