Constraint driven interconnect synthesis

levels of computer usage will be distributed before the implementation of the Online Learning Environment. The delivery system for the asynchronous Online Learning Environment is Nicenet, which is a free service that offers online conferencing, scheduling, document and link sharing, and personal messaging. The service has been available for several years and is very stable. Two cycles of Action Research will take place. Use of the OLE will take place in mid- November for the First Cycle of Action Research. Comments, dialogue, and other forms of interactive participation in the OLE can be recorded and kept for later analysis. Follow-up surveys to the use of the OLE can be distributed to measure the students’ perceptions of the effectiveness of the online portion of the coursework. This can take place in late January or early February 2004, after the First Cycle, and again in June 2004, after the Second Cycle. Analysis of the data can take place after it has been collected and be reported in the form of the thesis document.

I would like to thank my parents, Lee and Suzie Brink for theirsupport throughout my college career and making this culminationof my educational experience possible. This thesis is dedicatedto them.

Automated synthesis and layout of analog andmixed-signal designs.

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