5 Tips for Writing an Effective Thesis Statement

Tips For Writing A Thesis Statement Now that you have investigated and written about your topic, in depth, it is time to finalize your thesis statement. You have discovered what truly interests you about your subject through your research and writing. You now need to review your writing and your previous thesis statement to ensure that it states what you have presented in your paper. This statement serves as the main idea for your paper. It should express what you believe your research proves. An effective thesis statement tells readers specifically what you plan to tell them in your paper. It serves as a guide to keep your ideas on track as you present your research. Make sure your thesis does the following . . . -makes a statement of importance, takes a stand of some sort, or expresses a specific perspective or feature of the subject being researched. -briefly presents the most important point(s) of the paper in a effort to set a specific approach/direction and or purpose for your writing. The following formula and examples could be used to form your finalized thesis statement:

Five Tips for Writing a Successful Thesis Statement

Tips For Writing A Thesis Statement

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