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The title of the thesis paper should not be too long. You can have only about two lines the most. This way, you can easily manage the main ideas of your research within the title. A lengthy title may turn off the readers because it will project an impression that your thesis paper is too technical that most readers do not appreciate.

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In the English degree courses, generally, DES, DELG and DEAL (i.e.,their respective heads) are responsible. The chart below alsocontains the topic numbers belonging to each thesis field. The Headresponsible for the Thesis will assign one of these topics at thesubmission of the Thesis title and the Candidate will draw a questionfrom this topic at the Final Examination. ()

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The Thesis title submission form (Szakdolgozaticímbejelentô lap) can be obtained from the TO and has to befirst signed by the Supervisor. Then -- on the same form -- thetitle and the Supervisor (if not a member of ELTE) areto be approved by the Head, who also sets the for the oral FinalExamination by indicating the topic number on the form. Thesubmission of the Thesis title must be preceded by substantialpreliminary studies of the chosen field. The prerequisites for thesubmission of the title are as follows: