Your topic and thesis statement are important elements of a great essay. You need to know your topic well enough to point out the argument or claim of significance to write about. Many essays have thorough thesis statements that show the writer took time to think about their concept. Your topic selection is also important as it shows you are an expert in the subject matter. You should be able to provide a statement you can prove when you do research.

Here, the student has to define a topic and thesis statement him- or herself.

ENGL 512 Senior Seminar and Thesis: Each student prepares his senior thesis in this course, and may be required to defend it in an oral presentation. For the Literature major, this course is the culmination of his four-year concentration on the arts of language, written and spoken. The topic and thesis statement must be approved by the thesis director or Department Chairman the semester before the Senior Thesis is undertaken.

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Using topic sentences and a thesis statement makes it easier for readers to follow your argument

Investing some time and energy into researching your possible topic is well worth it. Before you decide on an unsupported topic and send an email off to your professor, spend a little time on making sure your idea has supporting resources to write your paper. Developing a research question is a great way to help you explore and refine your paper topic and thesis statement. It is in the process of researching your question that you will avoid a paper that narrates a broad topic and will hone in on a specific, arguable thesis. It is this concise research question that will be the focus of your preliminary and superficial research. Choose a topic that has some interest to you, something you actually want to learn more about. Follow this up by scanning some journals and current periodicals to see what is being written on this topic. What questions does this research bring up? As you raise questions, consider the audience who will be reading this paper. Is this something that applies to the readers? Continue asking questions focusing on” “who” and “why” types of inquiries to focus your ideas. Evaluate your question, ask yourself if there is enough to support your question, and make sure that the thesis you will use to answer this question is complex enough to support the length and requirements of the assignment.