economic factors issues affecting tourism in the philippines in 2010

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9.4.2 GEOGRAPHY Galkot is situated 3120meter high from the sea level. It' geographical situation is 83 17to 8334 east and 2809to 2819north. It has been quaint trading town since ancient times frequented by trades from north and south. It is connected Baglung Baazar in the east and Burtibang in the west by the raw road. Baglung Bazar and the Butwal are the main tread center of the Galkot. More recently it is visited by the tourists seeking the track to Ghumte. We can classify Galkot into three parts which are given below;1) Hilly or Mountain region: - Here we can find dense forest, valuable and herbal plants and some fertile land. In reign people cultivates maize paddy potato as well as apple .Here people take their pets for grazing. 2) In mountain regain: - Here we can find slope land forest, herbs and so on. In this regain people cultivate maize pea mustard paddy wheat etc. In this regain we can find different kinds of fruits such as orange, omba, peace, plum mango and so on. 3) Valley or down regain: - In this regain there is plane area. We can find big plane field beside small and big rive. It is totally productive land and it valuable for mustard, wheat, and paddy.

economic impact of tourism in the philippines with picture

economic factors issues affecting tourism in the philippines in 2010

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