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I finished my 5 year Diploma degree on September 2014 from the University of Patras, Greece in the department of Computer Engineering and Informatics, with a focus mainly on Computer Vision and Signal and Image Processing. I also did a research internship at INRIA with the Perception team, working with the problem of Shape Correspondence. I just started my 4 year MRes + MPhil + PhD course at UCL in the Translational Imaging Group and I will be working on Dr. Jason Warren’s Nexopathy project. Based on the hypothesis that every dementia disease displays a different temporal expansion pattern throughout the brain’s neural network, the project will attempt to prove whether this is true and if so, try to find the underlying cause behind this phenomenon. During the first stage of this research, we will attempt to come up with a computational model of the neural network with some of it’s properties which are deemed suitable and sufficient and then simulate each dementia disease and check whether their pattern of temporal expansion in the computer simulation agrees with the data from various imaging techniques. If successful, the results of this research can potentially help with the early and specific diagnosis of each dementia disease and with the further understanding of them.

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