Could it happen to you?Many of Brown’s humanities and social science departments provide open access to undergraduate honors theses, mostly for the benefit of future thesis-writers.

An Undergraduate Thesis should minimally include thefollowing:

We recommend including the following sections, although thisstructure may not be appropriate for all Undergraduate Theses. The section titles can be altered to bestreflect your content. You may also want to include sub-sections within thesemain sections.


Students applying for the IS Undergraduate Thesis Program must meet the following criteria:

Academic research takes time, especially when you need to learn a bunch of new things, and there is no way around this. Having the goal of an outstanding undergrad thesis is one way to focus yourself to ensure that you make a long term commitment to your project. It is also important that your research advisor is aware of your goal so they can choose productive projects for you and team you up with good grad student mentors.

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