An IS undergraduate thesis can enrich exceptional students’ learning experience by allowing them to explore an IS research topic in a greater depth. It can engage talented undergraduates in the formation, design, execution and general creative culture of research, leading to new knowledge that can benefit the field and society overall. A thesis will substantially prepare students, strengthen their education, and give them a distinct advantage for a graduate degree and successful career. Students may be IS majors or have a keen interest in researching an IS related topic.

• Semester after taking IS 488: Apply for IS Undergraduate Thesis Program

Once you’ve chosen to write an Undergraduate Thesis inAnthropology, you must find an Undergraduate Thesis advisor(s). This individual is distinct from your“primary academic advisor,” but the same individual often serves bothroles. In certain cases, you may havemore than one advisor for the Undergraduate Thesis. The thesis advisor should be a faculty memberof the Department of Anthropology (Full, Associate, Assistant, or AdjunctProfessor). In special cases, you maypetition the Undergraduate Chair to enlist a non-faculty advisor, includingnon-standing faculty members, faculty in other departments or schools,lecturers, Penn Museum staff, advanced graduate students, etc., for theundergraduate thesis project. Youradvisor will help you define and focus the thesis project and provide feedbackduring the various stages of research, analysis, interpretation, and writing ofthe thesis. For some research, multipleadvisors may be necessary.

An Undergraduate Thesis should minimally include thefollowing:

Students applying for the IS Undergraduate Thesis Programs as follows:

Thesis writing at undergraduate level requires laborious endeavors which becomes very hard to complete in such a hectic life. So many students find it difficult to manage writing their undergraduate thesis. However, some students manage to write their papers, they don’t succeed in meeting deadline as they are facing numerous problems in their undergraduate thesis writing.