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I didn't really look into theory as much, or urban design (i found out that we cant do urban design for thesis at my school) I started looking at the works of Hasan Fathy, and i read alot about race, gentrifcation in general, and in my city, Boston. I have not yet gotten into the theory aspect of it, as I was just letting my sources guide me. I agree that its probably best let the ideas evolve overtime, but i'm not quite sure i even have a starting point. My ideas in the writing class began with Occupation, then oppression, to gentrification. All these words are very political,and im not so sure that's the direction i want to go in. I have run into projects where I pretty much created things that do not exist, and it causes for a very challenging project, and a good one b/c its a new idea, but the project itself lacks b/c i never seem to have enough time to get into it as i'd like. I would rather start thesis with at least 2 solid ideas to go with.. maybe i'm just jumping the gun here? i dont know.

Compulsory SubjectUrban Design Thesis Project

Christopher holds a Bachelor of Architecture with Honors from the University of Texas at Austin, and Master of Architecture in Urban Design with distinction from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. While at Harvard, he received a number of awards for his work including the Urban Design Thesis Prize and the Gerald M. McCue Medal for highest academic achievement in post-professional programs. He was a founding member of the New Geographies Lab under GSD Professor Hashim Sarkis, and co-authored several studio publications including _The Networked Practice_ with Jarrad Morgan and _RIOOLYMPICS : or how to Utilize the Olympics Opportunistically to Accelerate Change_ with Victor Muñoz Sanz.

Urban Design Thesis Thesis Project

Climate sensitive Urban Design Thesis

*** Candidates pursuing a thesis must complete the appropriate Preparation of Design Thesis Proposal course in the fall, or (for candidates pursuing an urban design thesis only) petition for an alternative.